The Key Word is Love

A Devotion by Joe G

“The key word is Love.”


John 15:12; John 3:16

Yesterday, my wife, Kathy, and I went Christmas shopping at the Mall in Melbourne, Florida. We didn’t need much, as we were only stopping in two stores.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, my wife Kathy has Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). Over the years, her ability to walk without a walker has become almost impossible. However, she can go without one in our kitchen, where we have counters and an island that she can use for balance.

She also has an electric scooter. It has made getting around easier for her when we go to certain stores and especially at Disney World. Unfortunately, because of my two back surgeries in June, I still cannot take her electric cart out of the back of the car for fear of reinjuring myself.

So, when we got to the mall yesterday, I knew she wanted to go inside. So, I told her, “If you feel you can handle it, I’ll drop you off in front of the mall with your walker, and then I’ll park the car.”

She wanted to do just that. So, I dropped her off at the nearest entrance to Yankee Candle, and then I parked the car. I met her at the door, and our adventure began.

As I said, Kathy uses a walker all of the time, but because of her M.S. limitations, she walks very slowly. So as we walked through the mall, I tried to stay close by, or at times, I’d forget and find myself 20 feet in front of her. When I did that, I’d stop and peruse the shops and people around me and did my best not to act or be impatient.

We did stop once to lean against a short wall, as Kathy tires quickly when walking. Finally, we arrived at Yankee Candle. We took our time and then made our purchases.

After we left the store, I mentioned to Kathy that there was a “SEEs” pop-up not far from us and on the way to the next exit from the mall. (Sees is a candy store in California known for their peppermint patties).

As Sees was a bit out of the way, Kathy headed toward the exit, and I walked down to Sees and made a purchase. I caught up with Kathy at the far end of the food court. I could see she was struggling, so I suggested we sit for a few minutes, which we did.

I then walked her out of the mall to a bench she could sit on while I retrieved the car. But, unfortunately, I didn’t realize how far the entrance we had entered was. So, it took me about ten minutes to get back to our car, drive to where Kathy was and load her and her walker into the car.

You might say, wow, that was a lot of work for two stores and just a couple of purchases. It’s true, but I know it was harder physically for her than it was for me.

Why would I do all of that just to go to two stores? I do it out of Love. Just as many of you do so much for your own spouses and friends for the same reason.

****************************The Point************************

As a Christian, thinking of the word or act of Love is difficult to do without thinking about Jesus. As the verse above says, “We Love Because He First Loved us.”

Jesus preached Love everywhere He went.

While Jesus was here on earth:

He healed countless people; why? Out of Love for them.

He raised several people from the dead; why? Out of Love for them and their families.

He showed Love and respect for women. Remember the woman at the well who had, had many husbands? He showed her Love.

Then, there was the woman who was going to be stoned. Yet, Jesus saved her even though she was a sinner. Why? Because He loved her.

We are all sinners, and He came to forgive us and set us on a path of righteousness. Why? Because He loves us.

God loves us, you and me, so much that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to earth to die a horrible death for our sins.

 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.’ John 3:16

In just three days, it will be Christmas. Families will get together to eat and exchange gifts. Remember to care for one another, take care of one another and be good to each other.

 Don’t forget the greatest gift God has ever given His creation (You and Me), His Christmas present to you and me, His Son Jesus.

God is Love.

We love because He first (and always will) love us.


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