How parents and students can utilize the bible studies and children's messages on this website at home

(My apology’s! No sooner did I get ready to begin sending out messages for parents to use with their children, that I had to have abdominal surgery. I was home in one day, but 3 days later returned to hospital with complication and ended up in the hospital for a week. I’m home now and on the mend and ready to get to work. I’m here for you!)

We are going through some difficult times in our country. Churches, ministers, and staff are all striving to make available worship and bible study to you in your homes through live-stream, recording, and DVDs.

Let me begin with a few suggestions: First, take time each day to pray with your family, that includes before meals and throughout the day.

Second: Be structured with your time each day. Don’t watch television (especially the news) all day, or play on the internet. Parents need to come up with ways to keep the family occupied as a family.

Third: Set-up a time of day for your family to sit down together to discuss news and current events. Next, do something fun! Pull out some board-games and play together.

Fourth: Set-up a time of day to have a home bible study. There are plenty of online bible studies; many churches are making them available online.

On my web pages, there are Youth devotions & bible studies parents can lead them, or; students can simply read them.

There are also children’s messages parents can read or work through with your children. Some of the information, such as handouts to the children, are more for church use. So starting today, I am beginning to add craft ideas that your children can do after the message to reinforce it. (I will be adding a new children’s message, every 2-3 days)

Finally, I am available if you need some help or ideas on how to engage your children and youth. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Blessings to each one of you today and in the days ahead. Please stay safe and remember, “God is with you always.” Joe G