Christmas at Disney, The Osbourne Family Lights

Christmas Memories – Advent Devotion

December 4, 2020

Psalms 100:1-5

Christmas at Disney

The Osbourne Family Lights

For twenty-one years, Walt Disney Worlds, Hollywood Studios, was the home of “The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.”  It’s rather difficult to describe this “Spectacle” of lights. It was displayed in what used to be Disney Hollywood’s backlot area. It’s displays covered buildings, trees, bushes, and the sky for about three city blocks. Here are a couple of pictures of them.

Each year my wife Kathy and I and my daughter Heather would visit Disney World during December just to see the lights. The year before their final showing in 2016, Kathy and I stayed at Disney for a couple of nights. While we were there, we visited Hollywood Studios to once again see the light show.

Because of her M.S., Kathy could no longer walk any of the parks. So, I pushed her in a wheelchair for over three years when we visited Disney, until the day our church gave us an electric cart for her. That year, it was a wheelchair, and to be honest, it was probably our most fun time there.

You see, every ten minutes or so, Christmas music would start blaring up and down the street at Hollywood Studios. Then, a light show would begin that lasted at least ten minutes. That year we happened to be in the middle of the street when the music started playing. Then the lights up and down the street blinked and lit up in time to the music.

Since Kathy was stuck in a wheelchair, she could not turn around and see what was going on all around her. We were blessed for a few minutes that year because there were not many people around us. I started turning Kathy around in circles, over and over again, so she could see the show in its entirety. Kathy smiled, laughed, and we both cried. It was a magical few minutes when we were both able to forget about her M.S. and life’s problems.

Just the other day, Kathy mentioned that night to me, so I thought I’d include it here.

(The history of the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights is rather lengthy, and if you’d like to know more about their background and why Disney World discontinued them, please check out this website.)

I pray that everyone who reads this devotion has many of those joyful moments in their lives like Kathy and I had at Hollywood Studios that December night in 2015.

As Christians, we are so blessed. Why? Because we have the joyful promise of God’s Grace. God loved us and still loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to earth. God sent Jesus to live with us, teach us, and die for us. Christ’s death gave us a joyful knowing hope that we are saved by merely having faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, yes! Shout with Joy to the Lord. His unfailing love continues forever.

Please receive God’s blessings right now.


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