Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa

Christmas Memories – Advent Devotion

December 2, 2020

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Psalms 38:11

(by Kathy Guagliardo)

I can remember many a Christmas Eve when Grandma and Grandpa would come over to my family’s house after they had attended Christmas Eve services. They would bring our gifts over, which we would open on Christmas morning. On Christmas Day, the family would get together either at Grandma and Grandpa’s or my aunt Lois and Uncle Ed’s for Christmas day dinner.

Those Christmas Eve’s and days I just talked about happened fifty or more years ago. Since then, Grandma, Grandpa, and my parents have gone home to be with the Lord. Joe and I and many of you have started new Christmas traditions with new friends and new family members.

Unfortunately, this year, 2020, is a little different, isn’t it? It’s recommended that we don’t get together with any family or friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas unless they are a part of our immediate household.

That’s very difficult for many people. I know it is for us. But, for the safety of others and our families and friends, Joe and I spent Thanksgiving alone and will be doing the same for Christmas.

I know we’ll be feeling a little sad, but we do plan on getting together during Holiday dinners utilizing Zoom.

This year Christmas will definitely be a little different. But, the celebration remains the same, as we praise God for sending us His Son, Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord. Though many are separated from each other this Christmas, we know that you are always with us. It’s a promise you made, and we believe. Thank you for your many blessings, unconditional love, and for sending Jesus to be with us, even to the very end of the age. Amen

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